Engagement for Sustainable Urban Development.



In line with their commitment to promoting sustainable land use, securing land tenure, and fostering well-planned urban development, the Department of Lands, Spatial Planning, and Urban Development conducted a three-day engagement with residents from four sub-counties. Hon. Esther Mwanyumba, representing the Chamber of Commerce as the KNCCI Director Incharge of the Membership and Business Development Committee, participated in the public engagement for the County Spatial Plan at Wundanyi CC Hall.

Officers from both the County and National Governments were in attendance at this initial stage, which primarily focused on sensitization and educating the public about the entire process. Three subsequent stages are planned:

  1. Stage 2: Situation Analysis.
  2. Stage 3: Proposing land use plans.
  3. Stage 4: Verification to ensure the accuracy and completeness of proposed plans.

It was highlighted with significant concern that the County has never had a Spatial Plan before, potentially excluding various potential investors. There is a strong appeal to the business community to actively participate in the forthcoming stages with unity of purpose.

The emphasis is on urging the business community to turn out in large numbers and engage in the subsequent stages to ensure a collective voice in the process.

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